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06 Processing of Return

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  • 06 Processing of Return

    6 Processing of Return:

    After the GST Return has been uploaded onto the GST Common Portal, the Portal will undertake the following activities:

    (i) Acknowledge the receipt of the return filed by the taxpayer after conducting required validations.

    (ii) Acknowledgement number would be issued as per procedure detailed in Para 3. 9 above.

    (iii) Once a return is acknowledged, forward that GST Return to tax authorities of Central and appropriate State Govt. through the established IT interface.

    (iv) The ITC claim will be confirmed to purchasing taxpayer in case of matched invoices after 20th of the month succeeding the month of the tax period month provided counterparty supplying taxpayer has submitted the valid return (and paid self-assessed tax as per return).

    (v) Communicate to the taxpayers through SMS/e-Mail, about the macro-results of the matching. The details will be in the taxpayers’ dashboard/ledger which can be viewed after log-in at the Portal.

    (vi) Auto-populate the ITC reversals due to mismatching of invoices in the taxpayer’s account in the return for the 2nd month after filing of return for a particular month.

    (vii) Aggregation of cross-credit utilization of IGST and SGST for each State and generation of settlement instructions based on IGST model and as finalized by the Payments Committee. This has to be with dealer-wise details as the concerned tax administration’s follow on activities will be dependent on that detailing.

    (Satish Chandra) (Rashmi Verma)
    Member Secretary Special Secretary
    Empowered Committee Department of Revenue
    of State Finance Ministers Government of India
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