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05 Annual Return (GSTR-8)

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  • 05 Annual Return (GSTR-8)

    5 Annual Return (GSTR-8):

    5.1 All the Normal taxpayers would be required to submit Annual Return. This return to be filed annually is intended to provide 360 degree view about the activities of the taxpayer. This statement would provide a reconciliation of the returns with the audited financial statements of the taxpayer.

    5.2 This return is a detailed return and captures the details of all the income and expenditure of the taxpayer and regroups them in accordance with the monthly returns filed by the taxpayer. This return also provides for the reconciliation of the monthly tax payments and will provide the opportunity to make good for any short reporting of activities undertaken supply wise. The said return would also capture the details of pending arrears against the taxpayer and the current status of the orders leading to such arrears. The details of all the refund claims pending with the tax authorities would also be captured. Since this return captures the minutest details of income and expenditure of the taxpayer, the gross profit/loss arrived on the basis of the details submitted in this statement should tally with the gross profit/loss indicated in the Profit and Loss Account of the dealer. Accordingly, this return is to be submitted along with the audited copies of the Annual Accounts of the dealer and would be filed by 31stDecember following the end of the financial year for which it is filed.

    5.3 A separate reconciliation statement, duly certified by a Chartered Accountant, will have to be filed by those taxpayers who are required to get their accounts audited under section 44AB of Income Tax Act 1961. Currently this limit is ₹ 1 Crore.

    5.4 Consolidated statement of purchases and supplies based on monthly returns filed by the taxpayer can be made available to taxpayers by GSTN common portal as a facilitation measure for enabling him to prepare annual return.

    5.5 The format of Reconciliation statement would be finalized after finalization of GST Model law.
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