Government of India

1. Smt. Rashmi Verma, Additional Secretary (Revenue), Government of India

2. Shri Rajeev Yadav, Director (Service Tax), CBEC, Government of India

3. Shri B.B. Agrawal, Principal Commissioner, CBEC, Government of India

4. Shri Upender Gupta, Commissioner, GST, CBEC, Government of India

5. Shri M.K. Sinha, Commissioner (LTU), Audit, CBEC, Government of India

6. Shri G.D. Lohani, Commissioner, CBEC, Government of India

7. Shri Ravneet Singh Khurana, Deputy Commissioner, CBEC, Government of India

8. Shri Sachin Jain, Additional Commissioner, CBEC, Government of India

9. Shri P.K. Manderna, Superintendent (GST Cell), Government of India


1. Shri Gautam Das Gupta, Deputy Commissioner of Taxes, Assam

2. Shri T. Ramesh Babu, Additional Commissioner, Commercial Tax, Andhra Pradesh

3. Shri Arun Kumar Mishra, Joint Secretary, Finance, Bihar

4. Shri Santosh Kumar Sinha, Additional Commissioner, Commercial Tax, Bihar

5. Shri Deepak Kanan, Additional Commissioner, Commercial Tax (GST), Bihar

6. Shri R.K. Trivedi, Additional Commissioner, Commercial Tax, Chhattisgarh

7. Shri Kishor Bhalla, Deputy Commissioner (VAT), Daman & Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli

8. Shri Vijay Kumar, Commissioner (VAT), Trade and Taxes, Delhi

9. Shri Jagmal Singh, Deputy Director, Trade and Taxes, Delhi

10. Shri Dipak M. Bandekar, Additional Commissioner, Commercial Tax, Goa

11. Dr. P.D. Vaghela, Commissioner, Commercial Tax, Gujarat

12. Ms. Aarti Kanwar, Special Commissioner, Commercial Tax, Gujarat

13. Shri Shyamal Misra, Commissioner, Excise & Taxation, Haryana

14. Shri Hanuman Singh, Additional Commissioner, Excise & Taxation, Haryana

15. Shri J.C. Chauhan, Commissioner, Excise & Taxation, Himachal Pradesh

16. Shri P.K. Bhat, Additional Commissioner, Commercial Tax, Jammu & Kashmir

17. Smt. Nidhi Khare, Secretary-cum-Commissioner, Commercial Tax, Jharkhand

18. Dr. M.P.Ravi Prasad, Joint Commissioner, Commercial Tax, Karnataka

19. Dr. Rajan Khobragade, Commissioner, Commercial Tax, Kerala

20. Shri M.I. Mansur, Assistant Commissioner, Commercial Tax, Kerala

21. Shri Sudip Gupta, Deputy Commissioner, Commercial Tax, Madhya Pradesh

22. Shri P. Velrasu, Special Commissioner, Sales Tax, Maharashtra

23. Shri B.V. Borhade, Joint Commissioner, Sales Tax, Maharashtra

24. Shri P.M. Kulkarni, Deputy Commissioner, Sales Tax, Maharashtra

25. Shri K. Sanglawma, Commissioner of Taxes, Mizoram

26. Shri H. Rangthanmawia, Superintendent of Taxes (GST Cell), Mizoram

27. Shri Niten Chandra, Commissioner, Commercial Tax, Odisha

28. Shri Sahadev Sahoo, Joint Commissioner, Commercial Tax, Odisha

29. Shri K. Sridhar, Deputy Commissioner, Commercial Tax, Puducherry

30. Dr. Karthik, Additional Secretary, Punjab

31. Shri Pawag Garg, Additional Commissioner, Excise & Taxation, Punjab

32. Shri Vaibhav Galriya, Commissioner, Commercial Tax, Rajasthan

33. Shri Manoj Rai, Joint Commissioner, Commercial Tax, Sikkim

34. Shri D. Soundraraja Pandian, Joint Commissioner (Taxation), Commercial Taxes, Tamil Nadu

35. Shri K. Chandrasekhar Reddy, Additional Commissioner, Commercial Tax, Telangana

36. Shri Vikas Singh, Commissioner of Taxes and Excise, Mizoram

37. Shri Vivek Kumar, Additional Commissioner, Commercial Tax, Uttar Pradesh

38. Shri Abhijit Gupta, Commercial Tax Officer (IT), Uttar Pradesh

39. Shri N.C. Sharma, Additional Commissioner, Commercial Tax, Uttarakhand

40. Smt. Ujjaini Datta, Joint Secretary, Finance, West Bengal

Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN)

1. Shri Navin Kumar, Chairman, Goods and Services Tax Network

2. Shri Prakash Kumar, Chief Executive Officer, Goods and Services Tax Network

Empowered Committee of State Finance Ministers

1. Shri Satish Chandra, Member Secretary, Empowered Committee

2. Shri Bashir Ahmed, Adviser, Empowered Committee

1 Please refer Para 7 of the Report of the Committee on the Problem of Dual Control, Threshold and Exemptions in GST Regime (Annexure-VIII) 5

2 Refinement to the process for States opting for two-way API based integration and flexibility (decision dated 18.4.2012 of EC) will be formulated separately(Annexure-IX).

3 Refinement to the process for states opting for two-way API based integration and flexibility (decision dated 18.4.2012 of EC) will be formulated separately(Annexure-IX).

4 Please refer para 23 IX. of the report of the Committee on IGST and GST on imports (Annexure-X).